“I have lost 15 lbs in the past 3 weeks without counting calories or points, I just check in with my emotions”

Mary Wainright
EBT Participant

Three Ways to Learn the Skills of EBT

To make it very easy to learn the tools of EBT, we have developed three ways to learn.  You can select between Tele-Coaching or in person Coaching with a Certified EBT Provider in your area, or you can choose a self study e-learning option.

EBT teaches the tools to reduce stress, mood and weight issues.

Lose Weight
EBT teaches you skills to learn how to not need sugary fatty food and feel great with out it.

Decrease Anxiety
EBT teaches you tools that will help you soothe yourself and not get anxious.

Decrease Stress
EBT teaches you how to process the daily stresses of life, so that you move through daily life without building up stress.


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An Introduction to EBT from Laurel Mellin

Founder of EBT

Emotional Brain Training on CBS

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